Fixes, tweaks and glitches

A new video from our friends GrayDeathSociety (@SocietyGray on twitter) came after the build with the bigger map and along a small list of fixes and tweaks, watching these is fun and frustrating for me, but mostly motivational.

So I put out a quick fix for a few bugs encountered in the video as well as some others reported by fans of the game on facebook, a small list:

- some collisions for trees and wells
- a glitch with the gun, more may exist
- jumping while sliding would make you into a zombie smashing entity
- you could slide into Hell Knights and one-slide them, not anymore
- some text errors
- some of the walls trying to keep the player in the 'general game area'

You can play the latest here on, I also released a small video of me playing the game, less fun:

More stuff coming daily!


Jack_McLanter_Alpha_0.2.41 264 MB
Apr 22, 2019

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