Tough love, better game

I posted the alpha info on the Unity forums and I got some feedback by a person that follows the game, it was basically:
yeah, we know your stuff, now here is what's wrong with it (

And it was tough, but true, the only reason I wasn't changing it was laziness.

So after some tough love from zengarden I revamped the camera and movement system, you know move based on stick direction and camera view, the camera is independent and the camera key re-centers the player.

I will also add a live cursor to make things easier and I also took care of some of the menu things, which is of course just functional (the quit was based on a string change, switched to int)

I also added vertical and horizontal axis inversion for the camera and if you lock onto a target strafe and the previous system is enabled.

Check it out:


Jack_McLanter_Alpha_0.2.2 196 MB
Apr 17, 2019

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