First youtube video

It took me a long time to post the alpha of the game publicly, I gave it to a few friends and people that discovered my discord, but I didn't think the game was in a state to be seen by other people. In the end I decided to post it as I was ramping up design on the game and wanted to see what people's reactions would be and how they played.

I posted on, gamejolt and indiedb and shared conservatively on facebook and tweeter. I got a few dozen downloads and a few comments like 'cool' and 'what platform', some friends and colleagues also contacted me, but nothing really solid.

Then something cool happened: some random youtuber (GrayDeathSociety) found the game on itch and made a video. He found a few bugs, I saw how he played the game and what a random player, playing my test level would do:

This pushed me to fix the bug, which was caused by some missing metadata, which I guess got lost in a update or clean-up or move.
I also got some ideas about what to add as small details around the environment and it also confirmed that the look and feel I was going for was clear.

All in all great experience, I think I will just post on a set schedule and not care about it being final or buggy, the feedback is more important and more motivational than postponing the release.


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Apr 17, 2019

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